React Native Development Company Effective Cooperation

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React Native Development Company Effective Cooperation


In the fast-paced world of mobile app development, React Native has emerged as a powerful tool for building high-quality applications that run seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms. As businesses strive to reach a wider audience, the demand for React Native development services has skyrocketed. This is where a React Native Development Company steps in.

A React Native Development Company is a specialized firm that focuses on creating mobile applications using the React Native framework. React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook that allows developers to build cross-platform mobile applications using JavaScript and React.

Top React Native development companies

1. Toobler

Set up in 2008, Toobler has become a top React Native development company nowadays. Initially, Toobler was a web application design and software development company that operated end-to-end services for mobile and web apps, and IoT development. Thanks to its fine-tuning technology, system, and process, clients can come up with scalable and high-quality solutions to websites and mobiles. The company can also develop web apps, Android apps, and IOS apps.

  • Main services:
    • Web/Mobile app development
    • UI design
    • DevOps support
    • Onsite support
  • React Native development projects
    • Web app for Smooth Parcel Service: With the help of Smooth Parcel, any online shop can take advantage of parcel consolidation to significantly reduce shipping costs. Smooth Parcel of Toobler React Native development company combines a robust label-generating tool that enables you to select the optimal shipping method for each parcel with a network of depots throughout the world.
    • Mobile app for Regatta Management: A helpful tool was created to assist with seating arrangements, weight distribution, and team balance in ships.

2. Groovy Web LLP

Established in 2015, Groovy Web has now developed into a fully established IT services company under the inspiring leadership of its knowledgeable and committed co-founders. Developers and designers at Groovy React Native development company employ the streamlined development approach to establish the bridge that joins your idea for creating a digital solution with a functional, trustworthy, usable, and safe model for your enterprise. 

  • Main services:
    • Web/Mobile app development
    • MERN/SaaS/MVP development
    • Browser/Desktop/Chatbot development
  • React Native development projects
    • ePhone booking: Telephone booking can be quickly replaced by ePhone booking which enables users to manage your schedule and appointments.
    • Fan Rating Football Fantasy App: Football fans all around the globe can be entertained thanks to the app from Groovy Web React Native development company, which enables users to join in annual contests so that they can vote for their go-to players and gain points.

3. Cool Digital Solutions

Cool Digital Solutions support their clients with AI projects with project and software development, and UI/UX design. Cool Digital Solutions React Native development company includes main business subjects such as AI, Data Science, Fintech, Machine Learning. Projects created and supported by Cool Digital Solutions have begun to establish themselves in the market and are moving forward with determination.

  • Main services
    • E-commerce solution
    • Robo advisory tool
    • Consent management
    • Booking schedule management
  • React Native development projects
    • Coolender: With flows of email automation, users can manage their booking more easily. Thanks to Coolendar created by Cool Digital Solutions React Native development company, users can also manage their availability from one location and view all of your meetings across all of your integrated accounts.

4. S-PRO

One of the leading React Native development company and an up-to-date technology partner is S-PRO. By digitizing their fundamental business operations, they enable established companies to better serve their customers and support startups in developing cutting-edge products. They assist their clients in making new business contacts and receiving professional advice by collaborating with accelerators like Founder Institute, Sente.Link, BCCS Cluster, and others. S-PRO has a 150+ member team that is skilled and capable of delivering complex market-recognized solutions while utilizing a sophisticated personal approach.

  • Main services:
    • Web/App Development
    • UI/UX Design & Branding
    • AI
    • Big Data
    • Cloud Engineering
    • Blockchain
  • React Native development projects
    • Sharing COVID-19 test results is an effective solution: There are 3 mobile apps developed by S-PRO React Native development company for users, sanitary personnel, and pharmacists and cafe representatives. Moreover, a permissioned private blockchain solution-based security mechanism.
    • Cross-platform software for creators: A necessary tool for any photographer who wants to take the ideal picture. PolarPro is an all-in-one tool that integrates geo-positioning, helps with camera setup, filter selection, and exposure time calculation.

5. Droids on Roids

One of the advanced React Native development company, Droids On Roids, offers long-term strategic alliances for creating cutting-edge programs for various fields such as financial technology, medical technology, e-commerce, social networking, music business, etc. The business was established in Poland in 2011 and now serves customers from all over the world, primarily from the US, UK, and the EU. Their portfolio includes Makani, a ground-breaking GPS navigation app that is expected to improve the lives of millions of people in Libya, CCC Shoes & Bags, a personal finance app that offers a quick way to get an advance on your next paycheck, and HoneyBee, a mobile commerce app for one of the largest footwear retail companies in Europe.

  • Main services:
    • Android/IOS mobile app development
    • Flutter mobile app development
    • Product Design
    • Web app development
  • React Native development projects
    • in10: Droids on roids React Native development company creates an application with complex functions including sharing user ETAs in just 30 minutes. Besides, the app enables easy sharing of status updates with the event planners.

6. Miquido

Miquido is one of the best React Native development company because it uses technology to address business problems. It is a software development business certified by Google, specializing in stunning UI/UX design and AI-driven mobile apps. Since 2016, Miquido has expanded from a 50-person squad to an almost 200-person strong team. 

  • Main services
    • Web/Mobile app development
    • AI
    • Cloud Services
    • Product Design
    • Ideation and strategy
  • React Native development projects
    • Planter: Created by the Miquido React Native development company, Planter is an AI-based mobile app. Based on photos, the object recognition module of Planter can identify exotic plant species.
    • Timesheet: For multitasking and co-operating teams, Timesheet is an effective solution to track time intuitively. It calculates working hours, logs the amount of time spent on each activity or project, and allows you to generate time reports.

7. Cheesecake Labs

Cheesecake Labs is an IT outsourcing company whose main field is web and mobile apps design and development. Set up in 2013, Cheesecake Labs React Native development company is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and cutting-edge businesses in enhancing their good impact through technology and empowered people. Today’s team consists of more than 60 designers, engineers, project managers, and tech enthusiasts who share a common set of principles and are working toward a  key objective: assisting customers in creating profitable digital products that address real-world issues.

  • Main services: 
    • Web/Mobile app development
    • UI/UX design
    • Strategy and product definition
    • Next-gen technology
  • React Native development projects
    • FindHeli: FindHeli is the first helicopter reservation system in Europe.  They sought the advice of Cheesecake Labs React Native development company to create a wonderful mobile and online experience that was supported by a solid and scalable backend solution.
    • Tapcart: With Tapcart, sellers on Shopify can create, launch, and manage shopping apps on mobile without coding, because it is a SaaS platform that is capable of changing games.

8. Telkoware

If you want to expand services of your company such as web/app design and development, digital marketing, Telkoware is an ideal choice of React Native development company for you. By creating a top-notch, responsive website that is both SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly, they assist you in developing an online presence. Additionally, you can improve your company’s interaction with clients or suppliers by using Telkoware’s high-end mobile app solutions for iOS and Android.

  • Main services:
    • Web design and maintenance
    • eCommerce website design
    • Mobile app/Software development
    • Graphic design and animation
    • Digital marketing
  • React Native development projects
    • The Parenter: This is such an easy-to-use app created by a React Native development company that guardians and parents can search for and make reservations of skilled, secure, and reputable providers for their offspring and animals.

9. Rootstrap

Rootstrap, one of the top React Native app development company, uses outcome-driven design to scale out people, processes, and products for businesses. They are experts in more than 750 digital items that have received more than 100 million downloads collectively. If you need a React Native app, help fixing a FUBAR product, or extra development power for internal projects, consider using Rootstrap React Native development company. They have a talented workforce spread out across the USA, Uruguay, and Argentina. Custom web development services, mobile development, staff augmentation, and cutting-edge technology like AR/VR are all areas of expertise for this top React Native app development business.

  • Main services:
  • React Native development projects: 
    • Generis: Rootstrap React Native development company created a responsive, captivating, and gorgeous mobile content distribution system that assisted Tony in properly developing his app and ultimately delivered a full return on investment in less than 30 days.
    • Tony Robbins App: This is the first innovative mobile solution that integrates DNA data with continuous lifestyle plans to provide users with highly customized assistance in achieving their goals.

10. Geniusee

Geniusee is a famous React Native development company that specializes in customer attraction strategies. The company have had more than 7-year experience with more than 150 excellent specialists who have worked in a large number of projects in different fields such as EdTech, FinTech, Retail, etc. Moreover, Genuisee is a consulting partner that is certified by AWS. 

  • Main services:
    • Mobile development based on Swift, ReactNative, and Kotlin.
    • UI/UX Design
    • Amazon Web Services
    • DevOps Engineering
    • Data Science, AI & ML
    • Business Analysis
    • Serverless Architecture
    • Frontend development with Vue.js and React
    • Backend development with Java, Python, Node.js, .NET, and PHP
    • Automation and manual QA and QC.
  • React Native development projects
    • Revenu: This is a POS (Point of Sale) management system all in one. It manages various forms of food and drink from scratch all the way up to achieving the highest level of client pleasure by utilizing the most recent technological developments.
    • Crave retail: Geniusee developed 2 mobile apps for Crave retail to address the double-sided issues of buyers when fitting on. Customers can request new sizes and colors, view outfit suggestions directly from the fitting room, and see every item in the fitting room with them.