Top 10 IT Outsourcing Company in Vietnam

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Top 10 IT Outsourcing Company in Vietnam

There has been a growing trend nowadays that many countries all over the world choose Vietnam technological companies for their IT consulting services. In this post below, we will explain to you the reasons why you are advised to choose an IT outsourcing company in Vietnam as well as the top 10 companies that meet your demands of great IT project management.

1. Definition of IT outsourcing company

IT outsourcing company is a company that provides individual or team human resources to run IT consulting services as well as find solutions to manage, maintain and operate the information technology (IT) segment of the enterprises.
IT outsourcing

2. Reasons why an IT outsourcing company in Vietnam is the perfect choice

There are many reasons why IT companies in Vietnam are the perfect choice for customers who are looking for IT consulting services for their business projects.

2.1. Proficient developer pool

Contributing to successful technology projects, we cannot help but mention a team of well-trained and highly qualified engineers.
  • Due to a report conducted by StackOverflow, 71% of the developers said that they acquire the knowledge of code on their own through various resources on the internet. Despite the proliferation of helpful online tools for developers who want to improve their skills in IT outsourcing company, formal schooling remains a significant indicator of competence in the field (62% of developers learned software development at college or a similar setting).
  • Being one of the most active centers of certified developers in the Asean area, Vietnam has a large pool of officially educated developers in many IT companies. Each year, more than 55000 IT graduates enter the labor market. The powers that be have taken note of this trend as well, and they are responding by opening a larger number of schools and programs dedicated to training the next generation of software engineers. Internship programs are offered by several IT outsourcing company to provide students with hands-on experience.

2.2. Excellent English communication skills

It is certain that technology has a significant impact on every field all over the world. Thus, it is important for IT outsourcing company to recruit a large number of experts who are proficient in English communication skills so that they can connect globally.
  • There are many challenges that arise when you use software development outsourcing to a third party, the most significant of which is likely to be the language barrier. Because of how readily they can misunderstand your needs, working with them is not certain to be a positive experience. Thus, it is crucial that your offshore development team has good English skills and can comprehend the needs of the program.
  • There is no exception for Vietnamese IT outsourcing company in the widespread practice of hiring English-speaking programmers or business experts. English is taught as a second language to all students in Vietnam as early as kindergarten. As a result, there are now many developers who are fluent in English and can easily communicate with customers.

2.3. Professional Business Hubs

Setting up professional and large-scale business hubs is highly important for IT outsourcing company in Vietnam to thrive.
  • At Vietnam Ventures Summit 2020, investors said they wanted to invest $815 million in startups, which helped Vietnam’s growth as a business hub on the international market. This business deal includes 33 investment funds from the US and other countries, such as CyberAgent Capital, 500 Startups, AlphaJWC, Monk’s Hill Ventures, and Access Ventures.
  • Last year, $415 million was set aside for investments. Hence, these things make it more likely that Vietnam can compete with Indonesia as a growth market for technology investments in Southeast Asia.

3. Top 10 reputable IT outsourcing company in Vietnam

Here are the top 10 IT outsourcing companies that we highly recommend based on their achievements, projects, experience and level of trust with customers.

3.1. HyperSol Technology

At the top of the list, we highly recommend those who are looking for a reputable IT outsourcing company with leading technical engineers HyperSol Technology. We have a strong belief that HyperSol will definitely give the customers an immense sense of satisfaction with their brilliance and professionalism.
  • Despite being just established with a short-year experience, HyperSol has proven to its customers that it is a capable and potential IT outsourcing company. In just a short time, the company has been trusted by more than 30 customers in more than 100 IT project management. Besides, HyperSol is a medium-sized enterprise with more than 50 employees at the moment. However, HyperSol strives to grow and step into the big business of the future.
  • HyperSol provides customers with a variety of IT consulting services such as
    • LABO development: A type of development in that you hire a technical group to develop your own business at our IT outsourcing company and sign a contract over a certain period of time (3-6-12 months). Customers are entitled to manage and coordinate technical groups. Moreover, we have BrSE or PM so that we can meet your requirements. This means that we can avoid biases that tend to occur during stable form development.
    • System development: With a WEB development process accelerated through many major projects, we provide WEB development services to customers with affordable costs but also versatile and assure profits. We believe that a high-quality WEB system needs to apply advanced technologies, as well as friendly designs to the users, and meet the requirements of customers. Besides, in recent years, we have made an effort to become an IT outsourcing company that can develop E-commerce projects. We have hands-on experience of frameworks such as EC-cube, Shopify, etc.
    • Mobile development: With a Mobile development process accelerated through many major projects, we provide Mobile development services to customers with affordable costs but also versatile and assure profits. We believe that a high-quality Mobile application needs to apply advanced technologies, as well as friendly designs to the users and meet the requirements of customers.
    • Game development: With a Game development process accelerated through many major projects, HyperSol IT outsourcing company provides Game development services to customers with affordable costs but also versatile and assure profits. We believe that a high-quality Game application needs to apply advanced technologies, as well as friendly designs to the users and meet the requirements of customers.
  • Headquarters: Hanoi, Vietnam
HyperSol Technology

3.2. Rikkeisoft

Founded in 2012, Rikkeisoft is one of the leading cloud computing solutions providers in Vietnam. Rikkeisoft’s reputation over the past 10 years has spread worldwide, with more than 500 global clients and over 1000 projects in IT consulting services.
  • Rikkeisoft IT outsourcing company provides services in many fields such as: Software development outsourcing, Web development, Mobile app development, Business Process Management, CAD, UX/UI Design, Managed Services, Quality Assurance & Testing. Moreover, Rikkeisoft has expanded its system with many subsidiaries including Rikkei Digital, Rikkei AI, Rikkei Academy and Rikkei Capital.
  • Over a course of 10 years, Rikkei is honored to have won numerous prestigious awards, including the Sao Khue Award – Vietnam IT Award 2015 for Vietnam ICT Achievement, and several other distinguished prizes. Particularly, RikkeiSoft takes great pride in becoming the first and only IT outsourcing business in Vietnam to be shortlisted for Japan’s renowned Best Venture 100 award.

3.3. FPT 

When it comes to IT outsourcing company in Vietnam, it is a mistake if we don’t mention FPT. FPT corporation is one of the largest tech companies in Vietnam. With more than 30 years of experience in software development outsourcing, FPT has now developed systems in different fields.
  • The three main areas that FPT focuses on developing are technology, telecommunications, and education, the most prominent of which is technology. FPT can provide an expert offshore development team with skilled and well-trained employees.
  • Recently, FPT is proud to be the only IT outsourcing company in Vietnam to win the Silver Award in the Most Valuable Corporate Response category. Besides outstanding achievements, FPT is also a corporation that has achieved huge revenue. In 2021, FPT recorded a revenue of VND 35657 billion, which not many technology companies can achieve.

3.4. CMC Global

CMC is the next name that we highly recommend if you are looking for a company that helps you with IT project management. With the size of a corporation, CMC has more than 30 years of experience in the field of information technology, which definitely satisfies you.
  • CMC IT outsourcing company operates mainly in 3 areas: Technology and Solution, Global Business, and Telecommunications. In particular, cloud computing solutions service is one of the services that receive positive feedback from customers. Besides the main field of technology, CMC also invests in many different fields such as government, education, tax, treasury, customs, insurance, electricity, banking, and finance…
  • The latest report shows that, as of September 2022, the company’s net revenue reached VND 6239 billion, up 26% over the same period last year. This number proves CMC’s reputation in the domestic and international markets, and also shows the trust of customers in the corporation. With the outstanding slogan “Aspire to Inspire the Digital World”, CMC IT outsourcing company is willing to teach everyone how to use technology so that it becomes part of everyday life.

3.5. KMS Technology

KMS Technology is a well-known company of engineering and technology services in Vietnam. It was founded in 2009. KMS Technology has earned the trust of customers all over the world because it has a team of skilled engineers.
  • In the past, KMS was only in the field of internal systems, now KMS expands its IT outsourcing company with its own software companies such as QASymphony, Kobiton, Katalon and Grove. Each subsidiary performs its own mission and contributes to the development of KMS.
  • KMS pursues its mission of providing IT consulting services while bringing cutting-edge technologies approaching the Asia Pacific area. In addition to that, KMS also promotes cooperation with non-profit organizations in order to bring good things to the country. In particular, the company works with universities on a regular basis, takes part in IT training and special occasions, and even gives money to scholarship events in Vietnam. Because of this, this IT outsourcing company has won many prestigious awards in the industry and has been known as one of the best environment workplaces for many years in a row in places like Vietnam, Asia, and the United States.

3.6. Sotatek

Regarding IT project management, Sotatek IT outsourcing company is also one of the formidable opponents that businesses in the field of technology need to pay attention to.
  • It can also be seen that Sotatek reaches the customer market in both the business and technology fields. SotaTek is always willing to offer the most up-to-date IT services to help your business get ahead through digital transformation. The company may also help customers develop sustainability of software, such as Web/App, Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, and ERP, with low cost solutions.
  • Sotatek has gained 7-year experience in the field of IT outsourcing company with a team of highly skilled and experienced technology experts. Possessing more than 700 excellent and expertised IT consultants and developers who can share their expertise to provide the best IT consulting services to customers in 25 different countries around the world, with over 500 projects in various fields such as Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate, Education, Media & Entertainment.

3.7. Nashtech

NashTech is a widely known IT outsourcing company all over the world for its brilliance and technology solutions. Since the 1980s, the company has been helping customers solve difficult and wide-ranging technology problems. Moreover, Nashtech is always there for them to help them set up and scale digital technology.
  • Nashtech owns a team of leading experts with many years of experience working in IT outsourcing companies. The area in which Nashtech operates is Technology advisory; Data, analytics and AI; business process solutions, application services, and quality assurance and security. With a wide choice of services, customers can outsource Nashtech to their projects simultaneously, and negotiate with this IT outsourcing company in order to save the cost.
  • Nashtech has won a lot of IT awards, but what they really care about isn’t just the awards. Instead, it’s the things we’ve done that can be put to use with IT skills to make complex projects around the world. Its method is a mix of being flexible, and reliable, and coming up with new products to help the customers reach goals. So, whether it’s technology consulting, robotic process automation, application development, or even application maintenance, Nashtech always has good IT consulting services for customers.

3.8. SmartOSC

SmartOSC is a full-service eCommerce agency that has been around since 2006. It is focused on innovation and wants to build long-term, mutually successful relationships with its partners and customers worldwide.
  • SmartOSC has many strategic plans for IT outsourcing company for Magento, Sitecore, Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, AEM, Ucommerce, Kentico, and other platforms. The company is so reputable that it can expand its market share in many international markets such as Australia, Singapore, Japan, Europe, and the USA. In addition, SmartOSC is a reliable partner of many major retail brands in the world such as Lotte, Mykingdom, Nestlé, PayPal, SpaceX, Courts, Club 21, Priceline Pharmacy, and Smartbox.
  • Up to now, SmartOSC IT outsourcing company owns more than 800 specialists in 12 countries and implements more than 1000 projects for more than 16 years. Through a long journey of continuous efforts and development, SmartOSC has achieved certain achievements such as Experience Awards 2020, Experience Awards 2018, and most recently, Adobe Experience Maker Awards 2022.

3.9. Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology has made a name for the company in Vietnam’s software market over a long period of time. Saigon Technology has been in this business for 10 years. In that time, it has built a strong brand in the minds of its customers and has met the need for software development in Vietnam. Today, Saigon Technology has long been one of the most reputable IT outsourcing company in Vietnam.
  • In the IT field, Saigon Tech provides a variety of services on Offshore development team, Web application development, Devops services, Software development outsourcing, Mobile app development, Software QA testing, Custom software development, Cloud computing solutions, Offshore software testing services, Software product development, AI development services and SAAS solution development. To expand this field of activity, Saigon Tech must own over 300 software engineers. They are all brilliant and proficient in technical skills.
  • As always being on the list of top IT outsourcing company, in 2020, Saigon Tech is honored to be awarded the Leading software outsourcing company in Vietnam, awarded by VINASA, the Vietnam Software Association. Therefore, Saigon Tech is an indispensable collaborator in proposing methods of approaching customers of various professions such as banking, healthcare, and retail with guaranteed quality.

3.10. Appota

As a strong competitor in the IT outsourcing company market, Appota has had more than 10 years in the IT consulting services field.
  • Appota’s main areas of activity are Game Publishing, Advertising, and Payment. Appota has more than 30 million people accessing it at the moment, and most of them are in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, which is also their target market. The main people who buy from this IT outsourcing company are people who make games and apps, advertising agencies, and e-commerce partners.
  • Currently, Appota has achieved many achievements when asserting its name in the world technology market, notably, there have been more than 50 million people using Appota’s mobile platform, which has more than 15,000 developers, advertisers, and businesses from all over the world. In 2016, Appota was one of only four companies in Asia chosen to work with Google on its new Mobile Ad Exchange model.


IT outsourcing company in Vietnam are an essential alternative for businesses looking for a digital transformation solution given the amazing development of technology in today’s world. These IT enterprises improve business productivity while also saving your money and time. We HyperSol sincerely hope that this article will help you make a decision about one of the most reputable IT outsourcing enterprises in Vietnam that can satisfy your needs.