Top PHP Framework Widely Used Nowadays

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Top PHP Framework Widely Used Nowadays


PHP frameworks are essential tools in the world of web development. They serve as the backbone of countless websites and web applications, making the process of building robust and efficient digital platforms significantly easier. But what exactly are PHP framework, and why are they so crucial in modern web development? Explore the benefits of PHP frameworks today!

PHP framework and the best JavaScript framework serve distinct roles in web development. PHP frameworks handle server-side logic, while JavaScript frameworks focus on client-side interactivity and user interface enhancements. Effective web development often involves using both types of frameworks to create feature-rich and responsive web applications.

1. What is PHP Framework

It is necessary to create the best framework for web to set up applications based on PHP web.

  • PHP systems offer libraries for frequently used functions, which helps minimize the amount of custom code that designers must create without any planning.
  • A PHP system plays an important role in designing web frameworks development by providing a basic foundation. PHP framework can reduce the difficulty of developing an application by accelerating and improving the interplay between development and advancement.

2. Why should choose PHP Framework

There are several reasons why the PHP framework is an effective solution to project development.

  • Boost productivity: The amount of time required to develop projects will be significantly reduced thanks to implicit libraries and instruments.
  • More effective: Businesses can achieve their goals for exhibiting by applying the top PHP frameworks because they have been rigorously verified for performance and quality.
  • Fewer lines of code: The demand for unique code creation will be reduced if you use integrated capacities. Systems enable the completion of these routine tasks by operating in capacities.
  • The standard practice: The best practice is often followed by the PHP framework list. For example, they write code in a neat and effective manner and use good naming conventions.
Top PHP frameworks

3. Top PHP Framework mostly used

These are the top PHP frameworks with outstanding features that we highly recommend based on their popularity and capacity to accelerate the PHP applications development.

3.1. Laravel

Laravel Development is currently the most well-known open-source, free PHP framework in 2023. When compared to other frameworks, it is faster and handles complex applications with ease.

  • Laravel Homestead is a pre-packaged Vagrant box providing a development environment and does not require the installation of the PHP web server, the other server software is simple to get started with.
  • Laravel provides various functions so that users can build and configure complicated applications such as authorization, authentication authorization, encryption, hashing data routing, password reset, migration MVC architecture support, etc.
  • The Artisan Console command line tool of Laravel fosters creation by automating time-consuming operations and writing boilerplate code.

3.2. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is famous for its speed and size (about 2 MB with documents), and it is appropriate for building dynamic websites. It includes a variety of modules to assist you in creating reliable and reusable components.

  • Flexibility CodeIgniter enhances development by utilizing MVC as the MVC architecture. Nevertheless, programmers can also write code using other architecture models.
  • Lightweight CodeIgniter is a simpler and lighter PHP framework compared to the others.
  • Security – CodeIgniter offers defense against CSRF and XSS attacks, as well as context-sensitive escape mechanisms and a Content Security Policy.
  • Performance CodeIgniter provides a variety of caching techniques to increase the speed of online applications

3.3. Symfony

In 2005, Fabien Potencier created Symfony which is an application framework based on the web and it is considered to be one of the most enduring PHP Framwork. 

  • Symfony PHP framework is the ideal choice for developing enterprise-level apps because it is easy to set up and install on a range of platforms.
  • Symfony can reuse database engines without PHP components, adherence to the majority of Web best practices.
  • Symfony can be connected with different vendor libraries and is incredibly flexible.

3.4. CakePHP

CakePHP, an open-source PHP framework, follows the MVC design and enables quick development of web applications.

  • The installation of CakePHP is simple. You just need a web server, and framework image for installation.
  • CakePHP development is easy to use because of built-in ORm that comes with its own ORM.
  • The security function can develop enterprise-level applications since it offers choices to secure, encryption, passwords, SQL injection prevention, CSRF, input validation, and XSS protection.
  • Other outstanding features of CakePHP are the current structure, validation, good documentation, and first-rate service.

3.5. Zend

Zend is supposed to be extremely flexible because it is an object-oriented framework with inheritance and interfaces. It is an excellent choice for building feature-rich enterprise web-based applications because it is open source and easy to use.

  • Zend PHP framework is a great choice for building complex enterprise applications because of its highly structured and reusable code.
  • Cloud APIs, encryption, session management, and MVC components are among the most crucial aspects.
  • It can be integrated with libraries and templates from outside sources. Developers are limited to using the tools they need.
  • Outstanding performance, security, and extensibility are all provided by Zend.
  • Zend has a large user, developer community, and very thorough documentation.

3.6. Yii 2

Thanks to lazy loading technique, your product productivity can be greatly increased because Yii 2 is superior more than any other PHP framework. It is an object oriented framework based on DRY code (Don’t Repeat Yourself), which provides you with a clear and logical code foundation.

  • It is easy to install Yii 2 and other related documents.
  • Yii 2 provides several maximum security functions such as Password Hash bcrypt, authentication, encryption, and authorization.
  • Yii can support caching and code deployment tools thanks to its high performance.
  • Experienced team of experts are always ready to support as development teams, experts, and users community.
  • Programmers can easily customize parts of the original code thanks to supported extensions.

3.7. Phalcon

Phalcon is created based on MVC structure; therefore, the capacity is dramatically increased.

  • It is easy to install Phalcon. It is also advised to use in high profile web application deployment projects.
  • Phalcon PHP framework has a number of outstanding features including high performance, management, security, and caching.
  • It helps optimize memory performance, support reading and statistics files efficiently.
  • Developers can set up separate folders thanks to Phalcon.
  • Thanks to the flexible Volt tool, the view can be easily created.

3.8. FuelPHP

FuelPHP is a full-stack PHP Framework that supports the MVC design pattern. Moreover, it has a separate version with HMVC that does not require the content to be displayed on all pages.

  • FuelPHP includes many advanced functions such as HMVC implementation, RESTful service, and URL routing system.
  • The security system of FuelPHP includes output encryption, CSRF protection, URI and XSS filtering.
  • It possesses high scalability with large modular and code organizations.
  • Provides its own command line utility used in executing tasks, debugging, and deploying critical components.

3.9. Slim

Slim specializes in receiving HTTP requests, calling, and returning HTTP responses, so it can make it easier for developers to build powerful web applications.

  • Even freshers can use Slim because it has a short and easy to understand code base.
  • Slim PHP framework allows users to route URLs, encrypt sessions, and Cookies or client HTTP caching.
  • It best suits small web application building projects.

3.10. PHPixie

Another full stack PHP Framework optimized to support the deployment of performance-demanding web applications is PHPixie.

  • PHPixie is recommended for custom web applications, web application services or social networking sites.
  • PHPixie includes various functions such as HMVC, ORM, authentication and authorization architecture.
  • PHPixie is implemented based on independent components that can be used in Frameworks.