How To Hire Within Budget WooCommerce Developer

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How To Hire Within Budget WooCommerce Developer


Hiring WooCommerce developers should be the first task on your to-do list if you’re thinking about turning your WordPress website into a WooCommerce store. 26% of all eCommerce websites on the internet are run by WooCommerce, the most widely used WordPress plugin available today. For eCommerce businesses, the plugin offers a plethora of intuitive extensions and essential features including Inventory Management, Payment Gateway Integration, Tracking, Marketing, and Reporting. Designing user-friendly and intuitive WooCommerce websites is made possible by WooCommerce, which emphasizes the value of a knowledgeable WooCommerce developer. On the other hand, hiring shouldn’t break the bank.

WooCommerce developers

1. How much is hiring WooCommerce developer

When it comes to WooCommerce developers, there are two options for you to make. Based on your budget and the complexity of your project, you can hire WooCommerce developers in agencies or freelancers.

  • In the USA, it takes from 61000 USD to 89000 USD to hire an in-house WooCommerce developer. WooCommerce developer salary can be up to 109000 USD if you hire a front end developer. Regularly, hiring an offshore WooCommerce developer often costs from 41 – 80 USD/hour. However, if you hire an Indian remote developer, the cost can be less 25-40% compared to an American developer.
  • Regarding in house WooCommerce developer, you should consider several additional costs:
    • The cost of hiring representative office in foreign countries
    • Incentives and bonuses for holidays of the year
    • Overhead cost including paid leave, sick leave, or even insurance costs.
    • In house developer
    • Supply chain disruption
  • Nevertheless, you can avoid unexpected costs if you work with an offshore developer, by just paying for working hours. In addition, if you engage a WooCommerce developer from an agency, you already eliminate the dangers of hiring a freelancer.
Cost of hiring Woocommerce developers

2. Expectations of WooCommerce developer

Now that we have known the salary range of a developer for WooCommerce. But now we need to think about the skills a brilliant developer should have. So let’s clarify a further crucial component.

  • Have a deep knowledge of HTML5/XHTML, JavaScript/jQuery, XML, AJAX, and CSS3.
  • WordPress website conversion into a WooCommerce store
  • Skilled developers about WordPress and bespoke WooCommerce theme development
  • Great knowledge of WordPress core development
  • Have experience in the front end development
  • Have knowledge of the most widely used and popular WordPress plugins
  • Have knowledge of PHP, MySQL, and Git versioning tools.

3. Things need to consider when hiring WooCommerce developer

In addition to the aforementioned factors, there are other things you also need to take into account when you hire developers for WooCommerce.

  • High productivity E-commerce stores: An experienced developer can prioritize PHP while reducing usage of third-party plugins. This method will help the website depend less on outsourcing technology, which will speed up the load speed of the website. A survey found that 47% of consumers expect an eCommerce website or eCommerce app development to load in under 2 seconds. The same survey indicates that 40% of accessors will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. The chance of damaging cyberattacks is reduced by using fewer third-party plugins by lowering the number of windows susceptible to data leaks.
  • Ecommerce tracking: If you want to have an attractive and appealing eCommerce website, you should monitor and enhance it. For example, a WooCommerce developer needs to be familiar with data-layer connection mechanisms to link WooCommerce to Google Tag Manager. Such experts can optimize your website and plan for commercial expansion as an executive of an eCommerce company.
  • Custom design: Instead of ready-made WooCommerce themes, most businesses are interested in custom WordPress themes for their WooCommerce stores. It is imperative that a WooCommerce developer has specialized knowledge of creating custom themes. In addition to having a visually appealing design, a custom theme should be able to offer customers an enjoyable and user-friendly shopping experience.
  • Intuitive backend: Many businesses worry that developers will not help them maintain their eCommerce shop after the development. It is certain that WooCommerce developer provides after-sale service support, but you have to pay an additional fee. Therefore, you are advised to ask the developer to create an easy-to-use, guided backend for your online store, which helps administrators manage WooCommerce on their own. 
  • SEO-friendly WooCommerce stores: If you want your site to rank higher, you should hire a WooCommerce developer who implements certain early SEO techniques. These SEO strategies include image optimization, header and meta tag addition, and picture alt tags, etc. Additionally, some knowledgeable developers might add Noindex directives to sites like the cart, checkout, order invoice, and so forth. Besides, the WooCommerce developer you hire should be knowledgeable about techniques for improving site performance.

4. How to hire excellent WooCommerce developer

In terms of hiring developers for WooCommerce, you can choose either an in-house or a remote one from a company. Both options may cost you a fortune; however, it will be cheaper to hire a remote developer. Another choice is that you can employ a WooCommerce specialist from an agency, you might save money by only paying for working hours. Before hiring a WooCommerce developer, you have to answer these questions here.

  • How long has the developer been working in this field?
  • How many shops using WooCommerce has the developer produced?
  • Require developer to show his portfolio of work
  • Inquire as to how WooCommerce themes are chosen for WordPress websites.
  • Is it acceptable for the developer to produce your themes?
  • Does the developer have a rule that all administrator logins must be disclosed?
  • Are the developer’s websites both user- and SEO-friendly?
  • What are the terms of payment for the developer?

5. The best time to hire WooCommerce developer

If you want to build a website from the ground up but don’t have essential internal skills, you are recommended to work with a developer of WooCommerce.

  • It is certain that you have to have a knowledge of different programming languages if you want to build your website from the ground up. Or else, you can not expect the results. Fortunately, there are a number of WooCommerce developers available for hire who can handle every aspect of your website, sparing you the trouble and added work.
  • It is preferable to seek assistance from a qualified professional when you already have an idea of the brand, the overall concept of the website, a list of tasks that it should perform, and clearly stated objectives. These are the first signs that you need the help of a WooCommerce developer, even if your website is currently operating but you want to add new features, remodel, or wrap up some code, or migrate it to a different platform. When you have a specialist at your disposal, it is unwise to rely exclusively on your own strength. In the end, acting rashly could hurt your project and force you to start again.

6. How to a write proper Job Posting of WooCommerce developer

There is a higher chance of illustrating the scope of the project, financial status, and skill requirements when you create a job posting. You don’t need a comprehensive job description like you would when hiring an employee; however, it is necessary to present enough information so that contractors know whether they are suitable for the vacancies.

6.1. Job posting title

In terms of the title of job posting, you should make a brief but appealing one. You should focus on keywords that a WooCommerce developer is likely to search for to find your project. We highly recommend a few samples of job descriptions for developers of WooCommerce.

  • Developers of WooCommerce have to know how to fix coding errors and enhance the gift card feature.
  • A WooCommerce developer is required to maintain via Learn Dash.
  • Looking for developers for WooCommerce for a new online venture.

6.2. Job description

A good job posting of a WooCommerce developer necessarily includes information below.

  • Scope of work: All the deliverables are required, from enhancing functionality to long-term site administration
  • Project duration: No matter how small or large the project is, it should be made clear in the job description.
  • Background: Mention whether you prefer experience with particular industries, programs, or graphic design techniques.
  • Budget: Mention if you prefer fixed-price contracts or hourly rates.

6.3. Requirements

Inform about any requirements and credentials you have for a WooCommerce developer. Here are a few instances: expertise of WordPress and the WooCommerce plug-in to the fullest.

  • Have a knowledge of HTML5/XHTML, JavaScript/jQuery, XML or CSS3.
  • Have experience of advanced and responsive web design
  • Have knowledge of consulting Ecommerce businesses.