Top Mobile App Ideas That Are Most Creative

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Top Mobile App Ideas That Are Most Creative


The market for mobile apps is enormous and expanding astronomically. Businesses must figure out how to get into this sizable market and stand out from the competition. There are various methods to stand out, yet it might be challenging to think of original concepts that nobody else has ever thought of. This article provides 20 creative mobile app ideas that you can develop for your company in 2023.

1. How much mobile app ideas development and design

How much app development ideas depends on several factors such as the features it has, the type of app, the platform it is developed for, and the business you choose to produce it.
Cost of mobile app idea
  • While it costs about 5000 USD to develop simple mobile app ideas with few features, a more complicated app with various features can be 10 times as much as a simple app.
  • The cost also depends on whether you choose to work with an agency or a freelancer to design app development ideas.
  • In addition to mobile app ideas cost, you also have to make a payment of updating and maintenance, which can cost you from 500 USD to 5000 USD each month.

2. Top 20 most creative mobile app ideas

According to Statista, the number of users using apps nowadays is more than 2 billion. Besides, Comscore claimed that the American spends about 3 hours accessing apps on mobile phones on average.

Top creative ideas for mobile app development

2.1. NFT Marketplace Development for Unity Game Engine

With the rapid rise in the popularity of digital tokens, there is an increasing need for marketplaces where developers can advertise their digital tokens for sale.
  • Anyone who would like to display their intellectual properties and artistic collectibles should consider mobile app ideas of NFT. They can advertise outside of the platform and receive the most exposure through the NFT marketplace.
  • One of the biggest NFT platforms available is the OpenSea marketplace, which does 10390 million USD worth of transactions annually. You can even develop your own NFT platform, similar to OpenSea, to launch a successful firm that is worth a billion dollars.

2.2. On-demand Taxi Booking App

It is impossible to ignore the future prospects of ride-hailing applications. If you develop one of these beneficial mobile app ideas as soon as possible, you can make huge profits from the service industry.
  • Uber is a SaaS (software as a service) application. These different kinds of apps currently have the highest app sales and will soon dominate the market. The uber partners will pick you up and drop you off at your destination anytime you hire a car through the Uber app.
  • Are you interested in developing taxi booking mobile app ideas? With the help of our specialized Uber-like taxi booking app development company, you can take the lead in the ride-hailing field.

2.3. Cloud Meeting App

Conference apps based on the Cloud such as Zoom have become more widely used; however, they still remain drawbacks.
  • By 2021, Zoom’s cloud meeting software generated 2.6 billion US dollars, with 50% of that revenue coming from the US.
  • It is a terrific niche to invest in Cloud meeting mobile app ideas as demand for online meeting software rises. For instance, Zoom regularly updates its cloud application to satisfy the demands of both businesses and personal users.

2.4. EV Charging Station Finder App

The requirements of electric vehicle charging stations is increasing as a result of growing needs of electric vehicles.
  • It might be hard to construct adequate charging stations due to the increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road today. People may find it challenging to locate a station when they need one as a result. People who want to charge their cars will find it simple if mobile app ideas are developed, which can help locate the within distance EV charging station.
  • There is an app for that if users want to find more nearby electric vehicle charging stations. The mobile app ideas offer details on the cost of charging, open slots, and vehicles compatible with the station. Even photographs of the various station components are taken by it.
  • Similarly, you may link the payment gateway system to the EV Charging Station Finder App to let users pay in advance to book a charging spot using the app.

2.5. Robust Elearning Solutions

If you have experienced virtual assistant mobile app ideas such as Siri or Google Now, you know how beneficial they are.
  • In 2016, virtual assistants took up the 1.36 billion USD market. By 2023, it is expected to have a value of 17.72 billion USD, growing at a rate of 38.82% per year. It appears that demand for virtual assistants working online is rising. If you make your own, you can earn huge profits.
  • More schools, colleges, and universities are implementing digital learning solutions to prevent viruses from entering classrooms and other learning environments.
  • In 2019, the market for e-learning mobile app ideas was valued at $101 billion USD. The market for e-learning systems is anticipated to exceed 370 billion USD by 2026.

2.6. IoT-Based Transportation and Logistics Apps

According to, by 2027, the worldwide logistics market is predicted to have a $12,975.64 billion economy, which demonstrates the size of the logistics and transportation sectors.
  • The logistics sector could undergo a transformation thanks to the internet of things mobile app ideas.
  • The logistics sector may grow to new heights with speed, agility, and dependability. With the help of specialized transportation and logistics app development services, you can streamline your business.

2.7. Crime Alert Mobile App

Our Crime Alert mobile app ideas are developed to be loaded on smartphones and tablets, and it will immediately notify you of any crimes taking place nearby. The app displays crimes including robberies, car break-ins, murders, and assaults.
  • Have you ever considered what it would be like if there were a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram where users could post details about crimes taking place nearby? This can help the neighborhood’s residents learn about local crimes so they can take the necessary precautions to prevent them.
  • One of the best examples of mobile app ideas for crime alerts is the Citizen app. The Citizen app had over 5 million active users as of June 2021, indicating that many individuals utilize a mobile app to remain up to date on crime in their neighborhoods.

2.8. Artificial Intelligence Apps

The future has always captivated people’s interest. The appeal of artificial intelligence is timeless, whether we are in the prehistoric era or the digital age. Future generations may rely heavily on smartphone applications for direction as a result of technology’s increasing prominence in our lives. In order to improve future events, artificial intelligence-based mobile app ideas development uses AI and machine learning.

2.9. On-Demand Doctor App

These days, the ideal thing would be mobile app ideas that enable remote communication between clients and medical professionals.
  • The market for on-demand doctor apps is presently valued at 2.4 billion dollars, according to estimations from 2017. That amount is expected to increase to almost 11 billion dollars by 2025.
  • Clients can easily and immediately arrange appointments with doctors using a doctor appointment booking app. Additionally, for simple record keeping, doctors can upload the prescription to the app.

2.10. Marketplace App

Online marketplaces are projects on the internet acting as the bridge between buyers and sellers to make it easier to conduct transactions for a range of goods and services with characteristics that are specific to the participants.
  • By 2024, the size of the global retail market, which may include a sizable number of B2C marketplaces and mobile app ideas, is predicted to reach $3.5 trillion. It’s the ideal time to introduce your proposal given the rise in popularity of these companies.

2.11. VR-Based Virtual Travel App

When the Covid 19 broke out, due to social distancing, people had to stay at home and could not travel anywhere. The VR travel mobile app ideas are developed so that people now can visit stunning exotic locations even when they stay at home.
  • You may travel all over the world using this Android app ideas software without ever leaving your house. You can choose a region or a specific location to view it on the screen as though you were actually there.
  • The market for virtual reality travel and tourism was valued at 74.6 million USD in 2018 and is anticipated to increase at a rate of 32.5% per year to a milestone of 304.4 million USD by 2023.

2.12. Grocery Delivery App

You can order groceries online and have them delivered to you thanks to grocery delivery mobile app ideas. You can get pizza (if you live in a city with delivery options), fresh produce, whole chickens, and other foods.
  • Deliver local orders that your clients place to them. To compete with the big businesses, you can provide your service for less money or charge a fee for delivering customers’ items. Local contracts with retailers in your city are also available.
  • Grocery Delivery mobile app ideas send ingredients for a certain recipe that have been pre-measured. This delivery will provide you the option to consume farm-fresh, organic food that is nutritious, making it ideal for anyone seeking to eat healthier or develop better eating habits. Living a healthy lifestyle is crucial to having a long and fulfilling life. To make your life easier every day, we provide fresh fruit, salad, and sprouts.

2.13. App for Digital Learning

Technology has significantly changed education, learning, and society as a whole. As a result, there is a growing need for educational apps because more individuals are using online learning platforms as a quick and efficient way to learn.

The Covid-19 epidemic has expanded the appeal of these e-learning programs, making them an essential component of contemporary education. These days, educational apps make a big difference in the lives of both students and teachers. You’ll learn that they can be of great use to you if you employ them.

2.14. On-demand Beauty App

In the hope of creating mobile app ideas that people can have an interesting experience of spa treatment when and where they want, On-demand Beauty App was developed.
  • Beauty and wellness apps are created so women can take care of themselves and make the most of their lives.
  • Professional beauty applications can meet different customer requirements whether it is nail, exercise or makeup.

2.15. Mobile Applications for Restaurants Management

We intend to develop mobile app ideas for restaurant reservation system that will enable users to browse the available tables and a map of the area surrounding each restaurant. In addition to customer reviews and restaurant ratings. Users of this app would be able to have the most comprehensive experience by knowing which establishments offer excellent service.

2.16. On-demand Money Lending App

One of the most popular app categories is programming for finance apps, and financial organizations are always searching for new features to offer their customers. Startups should concentrate on creating on-demand money loan apps in 2023 since they will offer those in the financial sector a distinctive experience.

You can obtain a loan using the money lending app in a matter of minutes without going through a bank or other conventional lending organization. Based on your credit score and other indicators, the mobile app ideas will connect you with local lenders that are prepared to loan you the money.

2.17. Food Delivery App

A hungry consumer can use the online meal delivery app to place an order from one of their *favorite* restaurants, and the food will be delivered (or picked up right away.
  • Apps that deliver food are more popular than ever. These applications are relevant in the current industry because online deliveries are predicted to increase in the future.
  • Having a delivery technique that meets your needs is crucial given the variety of stores, eateries, motels, and other corporate enterprises in your city.

2.18. Mobile App to Exchange Business Development Ideas

One of our favorite aspects of the BuilderAll Platform is the mobile app, which enables you to solicit input from other users and receive feedback on your mobile app ideas.
  • Making an app for startups who want to share ideas for business development is one of the top mobile app concepts.
  • Finding a strategy to set oneself apart in the industry might be difficult with so many companies already established. Because of this, creating fresh concepts is now crucial for all businesses.
  • Obviously, the success of your company depends on the success of your clients. You may provide them with a unique experience that will never cease to impress them by creating a tailored mobile app ideas for their requirements.

2.19. Health & Fitness App

Our fitness app can assist you in leading a better lifestyle. It includes articles intended to inspire you to achieve your goals and is organized into a daily plan so you always know what to accomplish.
  • Today, it might be challenging for people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. People are now more conscious of the value of health as a result of the COVID-19 influenza epidemic. Because of this, finding the ideal tool to assist you in achieving your fitness objectives is practically difficult; your best bet is to use your smartphone.
  • With today’s cutting-edge mobile app development technologies, it is possible to create mobile app ideas that keep track of its user’s health. These apps provide a range of charts that let users monitor their fitness and health at all times. You can reduce your risk of getting health conditions by using a health and fitness app. The best strategy for the market is this one.

2.20. On-Demand Pet Care App

Nobody hates to be away from their dogs, but due to our daily schedules, we have little choice. An on-demand pet care app like Rover is fantastic because hardworking individuals deserve to unwind and enjoy their time off.

Pet ownership can be expensive and time-consuming for some individuals. However, you can make arrangements for your pets’ needs without ever leaving the house thanks to an on-demand pet app. According to a survey by Grand View Research, the market for pet care apps was valued at 2.6 billion dollars in 2019 and is expected to increase 8.7% a year until 2027.