Different Types Of Software Engineering Fun Facts

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Different Types Of Software Engineering Fun Facts

In terms of different types of software engineering, there are various roles based on the complicated level of applications. Therefore, there are various types of software engineer and salary with welcome job opportunities for you. The article below will give information about the main tasks that software engineers have to perform and their average salary nowadays.

1. What are different types of software engineering

Different kinds of software engineering refer to different fields with different jobs and duties of software engineers field. For example, software engineers are involved in a large number of job opportunities such as video game designers, quality assurance engineers, CRM project managers, etc.

2. Different types of software engineering and software developer types comparison

Despite the different kinds of software engineers, their common duties are to design, develop, maintain, test, and assess the software by applying engineering principles. This activity often requires you to have good teamwork skills. In order to develop the tools for software development and issues handling, engineers of different types of software engineering have to employ physical system components.

By contrast, software developer types are collectively responsible for creating apps and writing complete programs running on many sorts of computers by using finished tools. Developers can utilize many of the same abilities as their engineering peers in this field, though to a lesser extent because it tends to be more solitary.

Software engineers vs Software developers

3. Different types of software engineering in the industry

There are a large number of software engineers with different software developer types. Here is the list of top high-paid jobs with different kinds of software engineers.

3.1. Video game designer

A video game designer, also known as a game developer, specializes in designing and executing fun and interactive gaming systems.
Video game devlopers
  • Different types of software engineering create fully realized settings for games by using creative abilities like worldbuilding and storytelling. The variables that affect how a user plays a game are all coded by game creators, including the setting, props, and characters.
  • Skills: OpenGL, DirectX, Unity 3D, C, C++, WebGL, JavaScript, Java, Swift, HTML5.
  • Average salary: 95328 USD/year

3.2. Quality assurance engineer

A QA software tester is widely known as a software engineer who is responsible for testing, reviewing, assessing, and writing software programs.
Quality assurance engineers
  • QA is one of the different types of software engineering that develops automated tests, tools, and methodologies to assure systems operate as planned, to detect faults and to work toward accounting for their solutions.
  • Skills: Ruby, Python, Selenium WebDriver.
  • Average salary: 67361 USD/year

3.3. CRM project manager

CRM is one of the different types of software engineering that stands for customer relationship management. People working in this area will work with systems that gather consumer and user data to design programs that collect valuable metrics for modifying the requirements of a particular program.
CRM project managers
  • By enhancing the tools used by customer service and sales professionals, they can be tasked with increasing customer happiness or sales.
  • Skills: Salesforce, SAP, SharePoint, Enterprise resource planning.
  • Average salary: 85483 USD/year

3.4. Embedded software engineer

At the age of digital technology and IoT, it is undeniable that embedded software development engineers – one of the different types of software engineering jobs – play an essential role.
Embedded software engineers
  • They create hardware programs such as consumer electronics, home security alarm systems, interfaces, real-time systems, and serial data transmissions by using programming languages.
  • Skills: C, C++, Assembly, Java, proprietary technologies/frameworks/toolkits
  • Average salary: 108392 USD/year

3.5. Security engineer

A security engineer is also seen as “white hat” or “ethical” hacker because he or she will establish systems, methods, and procedures to check the security level of a specific software.
Security engineers
  • Security is one of the different types of software engineering with the major objective to exploit security holes and find vulnerabilities so that they may be fixed before the systems are used by the end user and deliver the best possible experience.
  • Skills: Python, Ruby, C, C++, reverse engineering
  • Average salary: 75560/year

3.6. Front end engineer

A front end engineer, often known as a web developer, is an expert in creating user interfaces (UI) for the user-facing portion of an application or website.
Front-end engineers
  • Front end engineering is one of the different types of software engineering related to understanding how people interact with and use computer programs as well as visual design components, such as layout and aesthetics. Moreover, they also need to excel at the code running on various operating systems, browsers, and user devices to assure cross-browser compatibility. They also specialize in visual display improvement utilizing UX design principles.
  • Skills: UX and UI frameworks, CSS, JavaScript, HTML
  • Average salary: 92910 USD/year

3.7. Full stack engineer

A full stack engineer is proficient in both front end and back end development. Like front end engineers, full stack engineers have to learn about programming languages for web development.
Full stack developers
  • These different types of software engineering jobs are equipped with all the knowledge required to build a web app that works flawlessly, from the user interface to the intricate mechanisms that power it.
  • Skills: UX and UI frameworks, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Java, C, C++, Ruby, Perl, Python, Scala, Go, Kubernetes, Docker, Apache Mesos, Jenkins, HashiCorp stack (Terraform, Vault, Consul, Nomad)
  • Average salary: 100504 USD/year

3.8. 3D Graphics Developer

A 3D graphics developer uses specialist knowledge to produce software for scene management, lighting, shadowing, and shading.
3d graphics developers
  • In order to code graphic elements for the gaming and media production industries, they collaborate closely with game developers. In front end different types of software engineering development, such abilities are useful for producing visually appealing and understandable user interfaces.
  • Skills: DirectX, OpenGL, Unity 3D, WebGL, C, C++, Assembly
  • Average salary: 99086 USD/year

3.9. Data scientist

A data scientist, data engineer, or both create information analysis software.
  • They are frequently given responsibility for statistical analysis, machine learning, data visualization, and predictive modeling as a result, which gives an organization metrics to assist forecast how a product will develop to meet the needs of the business.
  • Skill: SQL, R, Python
  • Average salary: 102139 USD/year

3.10. DevOps engineer

DevOps (development and operations) engineers use procedures and techniques to speed up the creation, maintenance, and improvement of products as well as the interaction of the development and operations teams.
DevOps engineers
  • They need to be knowledgeable about the techniques employed by back end developers to create, install, and integrate various technologies, such as cloud computing services, in order to do their different types of software engineering jobs effectively. These engineers are conversant with services like OneDrive, GitHub, and Amazon Web Services that offer cloud storage (AWS).
  • Skills: Kubernetes, Docker, Apache Mesos, Jenkins, HashiCorp stack (Terraform, Vault, Consul, Nomad)
  • Average salary: 115992 USD/year